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How to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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Create your own reality with a business model that successfully supports your lifestyle journey

A lifestyle entrepreneur is a person whose driving force is "purpose" and is passionate about creating a business that changes their lives instead of only making profits. It is about harmonizing your work with your dream life. When you create your own reality focusing on building a business around your life, you enjoy a heart centered business and unlock your income potential!

For us, lifestyle entrepreneurs, personal growth and experiences take precedent over financial gains. Of course, being a lifestyle entrepreneur isn't right for everyone.

However, if you enjoy finding more efficient ways to complete your projects working from home, or you want to focus on your skills and start a small business in a non-traditional environment, becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur may be right for you.

So, how do you become a lifestyle entrepreneur?

Step #1 - Define the type of lifestyle you want

What do you want to achieve and how long would it take you to get there? Whatever it is, you need to define it so that you know what you’re doing this for; it could be anything from traveling around the world to spending time completing volunteer work. What is your passion?

Step #2 - Identify topics that support your goals

Identify the topics that would make you jump right into the project and start now. For me, flexibility and small teams are a must have because they support my long-term goals which are traveling and interact with a global audience.

Step #3 - Research a business idea that props up your dream life

What type of skills and experience do you possess? Do they correlate with your passion and can you monetize them? There is no wrong or right way of becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur, however, you do need to have the right attitude, commitment, and planning skills.

Step #4 - Create a support network

Be enthusiastic about your life goals and talk to your family about them. Involving your family in your project makes it so much easier because everyone is on the same track. Additionally, join networking groups related to your business idea, meet like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from them!

Step #5 - Implement your business idea

Create a business plan that includes your audience's main problem and how do you solve it, your niche, your vision, the type of tools, licenses or software you need, the amount of savings needed for the first six months and your digital marketing plan. Remember focusing on a product or service that speaks naturally to you, or that is aligned to your lifestyle or goals, this way, you design your marketing campaign effortlessly.

Step #6 - Use social media to grow your business

There are more than 1 billion users spending hours scrolling through beautiful images, watching videos, reading the news, engaging in random conversations, or asking for recommendations. Select the best social media platform depending on your niche and audience:

  • Instagram is about showcasing a product or a service via visual storytelling.

  • Pinterest is better for sharing products, how-to, DIY, and retail.

  • TikTok boosts your brand by showcasing fun and creative videos for a population between the ages of 16 and 24.

  • Facebook grows your fan base via groups.

  • Twitter allows you to have real-time conversations and is great for customer service.

Create a content plan and automate your social media marketing so you can enjoy your lifestyle.

"Give yourself permission to do what you've always wanted." – Chris Guillebeau

Step #7 - Be consistent

Set a routine around your lifestyle and keep it real. The hardest part of becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur is avoiding procrastination. Keep your goals simple and focus on finishing your daily tasks first, remember that every little step takes you closer to your goals.


Now you know what steps to take if you would like to become a lifestyle entrepreneur! I have more than 12 years working from home, enjoying my family, and traveling the world thanks to our small businesses and projects.

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