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My name is Gabby Rendon, and I'm excited about The Ambitious Women Entrepreneur Podcast (aka The AWE Podcast), not only because it is the first one I've ever made but because I was able to kick out imposter syndrome and go for it.


I made so many excuses for not doing this, and all because of fear of being judged due to my weird accent, because "ambition is not part of our vocabulary," or because wanting something of my own is just "too much "... I treated my small business as a side hustle, a gig, a hobby because I was waiting for the "right moment" to take control of what I want.

It took me years to take the leap and finally do what I am passionate about digital marketing!

But a bit about myself.

Over a decade ago, I fell in love with SEO, and I believe it is oddly satisfying. I know! I'm such a weirdo! You can always find me burning the midnight oil, analyzing websites, reading about the latest Google update, or sketching digital art. That's my jam! 

I live in H-Town, better known as the "Space City" to geeks like me. Ten years ago, my family and I relocated to Houston; let me tell you that it has been a fantastic adventure since day one! Although I still have no idea how to line dance or cook chili, I'm pretty involved in my community and mentor small businesses as a certified mentor for SCORE, the HCC Business Plan Competition, and the SURE program at the University of Houston.

My two-liner is: Soon-to-be empty nester Geek Latina in tech, unapologetically sassy, who loves travel, digital marketing, and fast cars way too much.

The AWE Podcast is my passion, gaining more and more traction daily. You can find me on social media as content_withapurpose or on LinkedIn as gaby rendon.

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